• Jason Hesley

Debut album from Belgian band Entheogen.....!!!

Entheogen is a progressive metal band from Gent. The band formed in 2017 after some chemistry-laden jam sessions between Laurens (guitar), Keivan (guitar) and Anton (bass). The band found the right drummer in Chevy in 2019, after it became clear he too was looking to make progressive music and had the chops to make it work.

Entheogen carries influences from various metal genres such as progressive, death, doom, black, thought they produce some post rock sounding riffs as well. The members come from different musical backgrounds. They strive to get experimental and put out unique pieces of music.

Among other venues, so far the band has gigged in Ghent at Kinky Star and Asgaard, in Kortrijk at Den Deugniet and won the Moshroom Rockrally 2019 (Moshroomfest Sint-Eloois Winkel). They were due to perform at Belgian Blast festival 2020, but this was postponed due to the corona crisis. Soon the band will release their first EP independently. The drums were mixed by Matthijs Quaars of Quaars Productions.

On December 11, 2020, the debut EP from Belgian band Entheogen will be released, called 'Other World'.

This debut album will be released as an Independent Release.

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