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  • Jason Hesley

DEATHSIEGE:Israeli black-death metallers to release "Unworthy Adversary" via Dawnbreed Records!

Savagery and mayhem. Enter "Unworthy Adversary", the second demo from Israeli duo DEATHSIEGE, an upheaval of maniacal Death/Black Metal in seven blunt and precise strikes.

From the first notes of "Drowned by Murderous Force", we are ferociously dragged into a rollercoaster of fast blistering blast beats, punishing riffs and roaring possessed vocals, an ultra-intense ride which while providing wild violent traits manages to simultaneously showcase DEATHSIEGE's blistering capacity of exhibiting supreme control over the pandemonium they generate.

Technically utterly impressive, the group never falls in the trap of merely showing off his instrumental capabilities, instead working for the songs with dynamism, equally showcased on the wholly organic sound production, like a bona fide dense barrage of sound, perfect to enable the barbaric musical windstorm to fully breathe and instill havoc.

"Unworthy Adversary" is colossal and viciously rabid, jaw-dropping in its tenacity and demonic aura, indeed 11 minutes that hover at lightning speed and makes one frantically crave for more.

Following a digital release back in April of this year, "Unworthy Adversary" is now unleashed on a cassette tape edition, limited to 70 copies, on July 3rd through Dawnbreed Records.


01. Drowned by Murderous Force

02. Poisonous Worlds

03. Dolor Aeternam

04. Unworthy Adversary

05. Infiltrate Victimize Exemplify

06. Siege of Death

07. Victorious Dead

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