• Jason Hesley

DEATHROLL Streaming New Song from Upcoming Debut EP!

International metal project DEATHROLL, in collaboration with Spain's Friedhof Magazine, has premiered the opening track from forthcoming debut EP Into The Vortex.

"The Rise of Artificial Souls" (Exclusive Premiere)

DEATHROLL will release Into The Vortex on November 13. Pre-order the EP at:

Extreme physical pain inspired the next-level technical brutality heard on DEATHROLL's debut EP Into the Vortex. Drummer Kevin Talley (Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Six Feet Under, Suffocation) supports band leader David Coloma, who endured multiple surgeries to repair a ruptured long intestine during the songwriting process.

"The pain was sometimes so bad I could barely sit up, let alone hold my guitar. The whole situation made me angry, depressed, bitter. Every riff sounds like my insides being peeled apart because that's exactly what I was going through," says Coloma.

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