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  • Jason Hesley

Deathiah Manifesto - the new split release from Black Altar and Vulture Lord premieres now!

Anticipation has been building for the release of Black Altar and Vulture Lord's Deathiah Manifesto split album for months now. The great reviews have been pouring in and each band has released a soul rending single to delight the black hordes. Now the legions can hear the full release for the very first time, as Deathiah Manifesto is unveiled in all its god-destroying power at the Odium Records YouTube channel!

Offer up your souls to the dark here!

Full track list:

1. Black Altar - Intro

2. Black Altar - Sacrilegious Congregation

3. Black Altar - Nyx

4. Black Altar - Outro

5. Vulture Lord - Dominios of Death (Vulcano cover)

6. Vulture Lord - Hark! The Hymns of War

7. Vulture Lord - Bloodstained Ritualknives (feat. Nefas)

8. Vulture Lord - Usurper, Thy Name Is Death

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