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  • Jason Hesley

DEATHCRUSH: Italian death metallers sign to Time To Kill Records!

Italian death metallers DEATHCRUSH have signed to Time To Kill Records for the release of their third album “Under Serpents Reign”.

Watch for more details on the album, new tour updates, and more news on other upcoming DEATHCRUSH activities to be posted shortly.

DEATHCRUSH stands for death metal with a blasphemous and blackened character, true to the tradition of the 90’s but finessed with a surprising amount of twists and turns thanks to some black metal influences taking on a more heightened (but no less muscular) melodic aspect.

The band was formed in 2003 in Sardinia and started gaining popularity with a couple of singles and demos. Their short discography embraces the 2013 debut album "Collective Brain Infektion", followed by 2017 sophomore "Hell". All releases were met with growing interest and turned the eyes of many towards DEATHCRUSH. In the years that followed, the band toured Europe twice and played the Las Vegas Deathfest in the USA.

In 2019 the band released the first live album, recorded in Poland and entitled "Spreading the Pest - Live in Poland" via Punishment 18\Hellbones Records.

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