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  • Jason Hesley

Deathcore band DEAD FLESH releases debut EP ‘DEHUMANISE’

Deathcore band DEAD FLESH unleashes the chains that hold the unruly beast that is their debut EP ‘DEHUMANISE.'  This EP specializes in blast beats, breakdowns, and unparalleled momentum.  The songs are the musical equivalent of falling from a cliff;  speed and danger increasing a hundredfold as the seconds pass just before the final slam hits. 

Based out of Hertfordshire, England, DEAD FLESH formed in 2021.  Although the members come from an experienced background of musical talent, they had just been together less than a year when they became the semi-finalists in Hitchin’s Metal 2 The Masses off the back of their crushing live performances. 

Their music being infectious as it is pulverizing, ‘DEHUMANISE’ is the culmination of the band’s ambition to put their own unique spin on the deathcore sound.  The songs are on a constant rise, reaching a crescendo only to surpass it and attaining another zenith.

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