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  • Jason Hesley

Deathcore band APEX OF DEVASTATION to release new self-titled EP!

Deathcore/Hardcore band APEX OF DEVASTATION have returned from their hiatus with their new self-titled EP. This release channels the raw energy of hardcore and the hard hitting density of deathcore but is dynamic enough to stand out on its own within the genre.

APEX OF DEVASTATION consists of vocalist Gannon Mahaffy and guitarist Dennis Cornell, who acts as the duo’s producer. After returning from hiatus, the two composed the self-titled EP as a quantum leap in technicality, brutality and production quality from their previous 2018 release, ‘TREPIDATION.’ Written primarily during and after the pandemic era, it reflects on themes of disaster, corruption, mental health and perseverance.

APEX OF DEVASTATION’s self-titled EP goes beyond the genre’s confines to inject surprising moments of melody and eschewing constant breakdowns for a more riff based approach and focused rhythmic drive.

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