Deathchant get depraved in video for "Holy Roller"

L.A. quartet Deathchant share a wild video from their forthcoming sophomore album Waste today via Revolver Magazine. Waste is the band's debut on RidingEasy Records. Watch and share "Holy Roller" HERE. (Direct YouTube and Bandcamp.)

About the video, singer/guitarist TJ Lemieux says:

“Shooting ‘Holy Roller’ was fun as hell & really on-the-fly which fits the video’s concept. The concept is loosely all of us doing our thing and realizing one by one that we’re supposed to be playing a weird backyard show. Gorg is trippin’, TJ is half dead & on all the fun things, Doug’s ripping a quad round LA and Joe’s at our buddy’s shop disposing of a body... Shot it all on our iPhones at the Deathchant house & Lucky Wheels garage. A lot of the sh*t in the video is real. The video has absolutely nothing to do with the lyrical concept though, which is a buncha bleak apocalyptic religious sh*t.”

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