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  • Jason Hesley

DEATH WARMED OVER release the album 'Witchcraft'

Short Bio: Death Warmed Over is Coming for you: Started back in mid 90's inspired by the Godfathers of Death metal, DWO has hammered brutality on and off for nearly 30 years. In late 2019 they recommitted and started out on a mission to unleash their sound to the world. For the last 3+ years DWO has prevailed locally and become a solid force in the Cincinnati Tri-state metal scene. Produced entirely by Death Warmed Over, the first EP "Tribulation" was released in 2021, and was well received. The sophomore EP, "Trench Warfare". It is scheduled to release in late July 2023. As an unsigned act, DWO is writing more new music and the composition is evolving in complexity, while maintaining their brutal edge. Furthermore, they are scheduled to play regional and local shows in support of the new release, while booking into Fall/Winter 2023. In conclusion, Death Warmed Over is thrilled to be where they are at and excited about what the future may bring.

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