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  • Jason Hesley

Death thrash project THE BISCUIT MERCHANT release new album 'VISIBLE SCARS'

Progressive Death project The Biscuit Merchant release the new Death/Thrash focused album ‘Visible Scars,’ the ninth album overall in an incredible series.  ‘Visible Scars,’ continues The Biscuit Merchant’s ambitious ALPHA project.  This is a 26 album, alphabetical creation in which each album will be named after one letter of the alphabet, with the ultimate goal of the albums being able to be played back to back,  from A to Z. 

THE BISCUIT MERCHANT is the multi-genre metal brainchild of musician Justin Lawnchair.  He started recording under the moniker in 2009, bringing to fruition a concept that doesn’t hold itself to any one particular style of metal.  As always, Justin strives to create a massive and intricate release, elevating the music beyond the ‘solo-musician’ category to deliver a full-fledged “band” sound.

‘Visible Scars’ represents a somewhat tighter focus compared to previous releases, eschewing some of the more avant garde elements for a straight-up face crushing metal release. Musically, the album is more focused on splitting the gap between death and thrash metal, with occasional elements of groove and prog integrated within the extremity to create a truly expansive sound.  Vocally, Justin provides thunderous growls and piercing high screams that echo the frustrations born out of topics such as the disposability of mankind and both religious and mental trauma.

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