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  • Jason Hesley

DEATH SS: Italian horror metal masters premiere "The Temple of the Rain" video!

Under the guidance of legendary frontman Steve Sylvester, Italian horror metal masters DEATH SS return with "Ten", a new observation on death and darkness. With their tenth full-length album, due out on October 29th 2021 via Lucifer Rising Records, DEATH SS keep offering their own personal blend of horror metal: esoteric, occult music where spontaneity and attitude are the most important values.

The album's ten tracks orchestrate a sinister mass of sinful abandon full of creepy tales, gloomy stories with somewhat funny twists. It will make the listeners quiver and shiver, with a grin on the face.

Today, the band is premiering the album's final single at Decibel Magazine. Watch the video of "The Temple of the Rain" at THIS LOCATION!

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