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  • Jason Hesley

DEATH SCYTHE Announces New Album 'Killing For Pleasure Forever"

On the heels of several singles, Yucatan based melodic death metal outfit DEATH SCYTHE are thrilled to announce their upcoming album Killing For Pleasure Forever, due out August 26th. Stream the latest single, "Killer Faith" below.

The band comments on the track: "The sudden disappearance of the Mayan civilization is one of the most studied enigmas in history. Many believe it was their own blind faith in their Gods brought them to their inevitable end. "Killer Faith" is about how blind faith without question can lead us straight to our own "Xibalbá (hell).

"Killing For Pleasure Forever" Tracklist:

1. Genesis of End

2. Hollow Darkness

3. The Eye Of Oblivion

4. Killer Faith

5. Touched By A Scythe

6. Reborn To Kill

7. Drama

8. Wind

9. Lost In Eternity

10. Buried Alive

11. The Fall of the Empire

12. Black Gate

13. The Death Scythe

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