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  • Jason Hesley

DEATH REICH - unleash their first EP “Death Camp”!

Death metal band DEATH REICH will release their sophomore EP, “Death Camp”, on July 16th 2021 via Non Serviam Records.

On July 16th the band unleashes the first EP “Death Camp”. Its primitive intro evolves into a progressive verse that mutates into an aggressive chorus making it a fair representation of the new album.

EP Statement! For the past three decades the members of Death Reich has been playing death metal in various constellations. We all share a great passion for the genre and that's what keeps us moving forward as a band. We strive to create death metal that we want to listen to. Fast and aggressive with lyrics about the many faces of evil. The Death camp EP represents our take on death metal and what can be expected from us in the future. On this EP we also pay homage to one of the true origins of extreme music.

DEATH REICH Comments: “‘Death Camp” was chosen as first EP because of the raw old-school energy mixed with some more modern heaviness. We felt the somewhat unorthodox mix worked well. There are also some horror elements to the music which goes together well with the titular demon the lyrics talks about".

Death Reich was formed in 2018 by Jonas Blom (Sacramentum, Runemagick, ex Trident, ex Grief of Emerald, ex One man army and the undead quartet, ....) who at first played the guitar together with Marcus Fors (Voodus, ex Vornth) on drums and Robert Axelsson (Sacramentum, Grief of Emerald, ex One Man Army and the Undead Quartet) on bass. They later recruited Christer Bergqvist (Grief of Emerald, ex Sadistic Grimness, ex Auberon) on guitar and Johnny Lehto (Grief of Emerald, ex Decameron) on vocals.

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