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  • Jason Hesley

Death Metallers itSELF release new album THE ABSENCE!

‘The Absence’ is the new album from death metal band itSELF. This horrific slab of brutality will leave the listener stunned and stay with them long after it has finished. Featuring RICARDO FALCON (ex-SINISTER/ex-BELPHEGOR), ESTEVAN FURLAN, CARSTEN ALTENA from THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT, LINUS KLAUSENITZER from OBSIDIOUS/ex-OBSCURA, and JASON PEPPIATT from PSYCROPTIC, the band is a supergroup of well known musicians in the extreme metal scene. Stream official music videos from the album on YouTube Lyrically and musically, the album is centered around the seven deadly sins of humanity, with each track exploring a sin in vivid and tormenting detail, culminating in one final act of redemption in the last track of the album. The brutal lyrics and subject matter are matched by the music which is unrelenting, pervasive and cathartic in its bludgeoning force.

This supergroup of death metal stalwarts also recruited and incorporated the musicianship of HELLE BOGDANOVA (IGNEA), TERRANCE HOBBS (SUFFOCATION) and many more across the album, all carefully mixed and mastered by Hertz Studio.

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