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  • Jason Hesley

Death Metallers GORGUTS & DISINCARNATE to release split LP through The Metalhead Box!

THE METALHEAD BOX will have the huge honor of releasing the exclusive split LP release, featuring two brutal 90s demos on one record. GORGUTS ...And Then Comes Lividity & DISINCARNATE's Soul Erosion!

All released on limited deluxe edition RED/BLACK MARBLE. Comes in a jacket with spine, a 2 sided insert and killer artwork from Badic Art!

Pre-order the split here:

GORGUTS need no introduction. This massive Demo ...And Then Comes Lividity, featured on this split LP, is raw intricate Death Metal, capturing the raw and terrifying genius contained in these early 1990 recordings. Gorguts are hailed as masters of their craft, and this, their earliest outing, is still just as valid of an example of Death Metal perfection.

DISINCARNATE one of the finest and overlooked Death Metal bands. Up until DISINCARNATE formed and released their Soul Erosion demo, we had been teased and tantalized by James Murphy's melodic solo work on albums by Death, Cancer, and Obituary, but now we can hear all of his composing prowess as well as his virtuoso soloing technique in one shot.

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