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  • Jason Hesley

Death Metal Trio GUILLOTINE A.D. In Search Of Bigfoot In New Video “I Want To Believe”

Southern death metal band GUILLOTINE A.D. - whose music blends the sounds of old-school Florida death metal, Scandinavian black metal, and New Orleans sludge into a wholly unique brew – release a brand-new music video for “I Want to Believe” today HERE.

“I Want to Believe” is a prime slab of Guillotine A.D.’s signature brand of southern death metal – the ferocity and atmosphere of Immortal melding seamlessly with the swagger and heft of Crowbar, delivered by a thundering 3-headed juggernaut that would make both High On Fire and Bolt Thrower proud.

The song was inspired by the movie ‘Willow Creek,’ and the video is fittingly an intensely creepy montage of band performance footage and Sasquatch sightings featuring an opening monologue from renowned cryptid researcher/author/filmmaker/musician Lyle Blackburn. The video also features a ripping guest guitar solo from Corey Flowers (Beast Mode/Jet Engine Dragons), Sasquatch howls recorded in the remote forests of Washington state, and previously unreleased footage of Bigfoot sightings. Guillotine A.D. has produced a chilling and heavy work of modern metal.

“’Will Creek’ is probably the best Bigfoot horror movie ever made. The lyrics to ‘I Want to Believe’ are inspired by that film,” explains guitarist Lance Miller. “Without giving away any spoilers, it doesn’t have a happy ending. We didn’t want to recreate the movie for the video, but it was fun making the video as a nod to the movie. It was an honor having Lyle Blackburn take part in the video. Also, thanks to Dave Shealy for providing his skunk ape footage, Alex CF for the drawings and to the Olympic Project for providing audio recordings for the song.”

“I Want to Believe” comes from the Athens, GA-based band’s latest album, ‘Born to Fall,’ which was originally released on CD and digital in early summer, but due to demand 200 limited copies were pressed on vinyl and releases Nov. 11th. ‘Born To Fall’ is available in stores, online at your favorite streaming/download app or order direct from our webstores or Bandcamp HERE.

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