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  • Jason Hesley

Death Metal Duo DEFORMATORY to release “Inversion of the Unseen Horizon”

This is the third full-length album for Deformatory, following the 2011 EP “A Prelude Of…”; the 2013 full-length “In The Wake of Pestilence” and the 2016 full-length “Malediction”. Over time, as members joined and left the band, their sound has been reworked and redefined. The upcoming nine-track album is divided into three chapters.

Deformatory explains the album’s sci-fi concept that picks up where 2016’s “Malediction” left off.

“Initially, there were so many different ideas and flavours trying to get crammed into Deformatory that it never felt locked in. It’s safe to say that the new songs, especially for this album, are the closest Deformatory have ever been to truly sounding like itself. In our previous album “Malediction”, we explored the truth about Lucifer, who was an angel possessed by a far greater evil entity named Savael. We dove into his awakening and consequences for mankind. Our newest album reveals that Savael was but a mere droid in a complex hierarchy of vile entities, known as The Ce’naxors from a planet called Cyru’xil, whose Grand Arkitekt has an insatiable thirst for destroying life stars."

The lyrics for this album are partly inspired by “The Scarlet Gospels” by Clive Barker’s and guitarist and vocalist Charlie Leduc’s own interpretation and expansion of the Hellraiser mythos. This is the foundation block that helped to propel the entire concept, which was uniquely crafted and independently developed.

A sonically relentless death metal experience, Deformatory is recommended for fans of Morbid Angel, Origin, and Hate Eternal.

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