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  • Jason Hesley

Death Metal band, Vomitation drop new album!

The first studio record came in 2001, titled “Voluptuous Orgasmatic Monstrification Infectiously Tormenting Arranged Tissues In Overnasty Noise (VOMITATION)”, and the trio remained quite active until 2005, but during the subsequent period, they only performed a few sporadic shows. in your home city. It was in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that the group decided to resume its activities with full force, and this Friday, 04/01/2022, we had the release of the long-awaited second album, “Sarcastic Pigs Letting Anus Totally Transfigured, Exteriorized & Ripped (SPLATTER)“.

Composed of 9 firecrackers, which are distributed in 37 minutes of duration, the disc proves to be brutal, fast and highly aggressive, being a real delight for fans and lovers of Death Metal. The work is already available for appreciation on the main streaming platforms, and will soon also be released in physical format (CD Digipack).


01 – The March Of The Hordes Of The Zombies Deflowers Of Anus 02 – Sarcastic Penetration Letting Anus Totally Transfigured Exteriorized & Raped 03 – Acute Infecting Necrotizing Ulcerative Acid Diarrhea 04 – Insane Gasses That Violently Reject The Body Leaving A Huge Fragrance Of Death And Rot 05 – Brutal And Fast Incestuous Triple Penetration Culminating In Insane Traumatic Visceral Orgasm 06 – Unbelievable Anal Transfiguration Caused By Astronomic Fecal Aporkalypse 07 – Bang Your Fucking Head Until It Falls From Your Body And Enter Your Own Ass 08 – The Macabre Narcissistic Cult For The Demons Of Debauchery And Gore 09 – An Extravagant Buffet Of Explosive Human Shit In An Epidemic Orgy Of Sickness

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