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  • Jason Hesley

Death metal band Invisible Control debut new videoclipe “Invisible To You”

The Brazilian death metal band INVISIBLE CONTROLreleases the long-awaited debut album, titled ‘Created in Chaos’, which features eight original tracks mixed and mastered by the renowned Martin Furia, who has worked on Nervosa, Destruction and BARK. To continue promoting the new album, the band released the music video for the track “Invisible to you”.

About the new video, INVISIBLE CONTROL comments:

“The single follows a theme where we approach in our lyrics, internal conflicts, social problems, political and religious alienations. And "Invisible to You" has a particularity, as it portrays people who need help, but are not noticed. We know that depression, anxiety, among many other existing disorders, have been growing more and more, and many times people go through this and are neglected by their own family or friends, who tell them that “it will pass”, that “this is nonsense”, that “is an exaggeration”. The person ends up internalizing this pain, feeling useless, becoming invisible in the eyes of others, or sometimes making himself invisible, because he feels like a burden. This lyric is like a rant from someone who has anxiety and clearly needs help. As an example, we seek to bring this representation to our clip, especially in the performance, where our actress (Carla Mariane), manages to bring this feeling very clearly with her beautiful performance”.

Presenting a fusion of technique, aggression, melody, and intensity without being bound by labels, INVISIBLE CONTROL has become a solid project and is looking forward to the first release. About the new álbum, Martin Furia comments: “I am very excited to work with one of the most promising bands in the Brazilian scene today”.

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