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Death Metal band Putrid Offal have released Necrotic Mutilation [live at Hellfest 2017]

When reforming in 2014, PUTRID OFFAL immediately started writing and recording new originals like "Livor Mortis" that appeared on their 2014 comeback single "Suffering". None got featured on 2015 debut "Mature Necropsy" though as they wanted this first full-length to be a complete rewriting and re-recording of all of their '90s material before releasing new material.

Those songs neverthless became part of the band's setlist even since their comeback gigs at OBSCENE EXTREME, FALL OF SUMMER, DEATH FEAST, etc. like the live version of "Requiem for a Corpse" featured on 2017 EP "Anatomy" recorded at their 2015 reunion gig shows it. Their set at HELLFEST 2017 was no exception featuring two songs that would later on be recorded for "Sicknesses Obsessions": "Let There Be Rot" and "Necrotic Mutilation".

One month after the successfull release of their sophomore effort and one month before releasing on both audio and video the album's bonus "Live at Hellfest", PUTRID OFFAL now unleash one of these two songs, "Necrotic Mutilation" as a teaser single.

Track List

  1. Autopsy

  2. Let There Be Rot

  3. Dura Mater

  4. Necrotic Mutilation

  5. Charnel House

  6. A Rot’s Caress

  7. Glorify Me

  8. Livor Mortis

  9. Lifeblood Ejected

  10. Viscera

  11. Palor Mortis

  12. Skilled Ritual

  13. Barber Butcher

  14. Y Shaped

  15. Vesalius [CD] * // Veins [LP] **

  16. Heaven’s Door

  17. Vasectomy *

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