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  • Jason Hesley

Death metal band GRIEFGOD release debut album 'DETERIORATION'

Death metal band GRIEFGOD release their debut album ‘DETERIORATION.’ The album is a ballsy, confident cocktail of old school death metal with enough modern influences to keep it fresh and far removed from being just a clone of the past. Deep, searing growls and groovy, abrasive riffs combine with an unwavering, impenetrable rhythm section to make ‘DETERIORATION’ a well rounded, insatiable beast.

Hailing from Vilnius, Lithuania, GRIEFGOD was originally formed in 2016 under the name GILZEH before being changed to the current moniker in 2023. ‘DETERIORATION’ was recorded by Pavel Daniels, in his local studio that focuses on more extreme forms of music.

'Deterioration' is a focused, poignant ode to the world of musical brutality, made by guys having honest fun with the goal of keeping metal alive in any way they can.

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