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  • Jason Hesley

Death metal band FUCKHAMMER to release new album ‘SCORCHED EARTH PROPHETS’

Death metal band FUCKHAMMER are set to release their second full-length album ‘SCORCHED EARTH PROPHETS.’ The album’s thick, sweltering riffs, created from the fires of hell itself, are twisted into formation on top of a staunch brimstone foundation of bass and drums, birthing the perfect concoction of death metal, doom, and sludge. The vile and sickening vocals lead the charge, representing the album’s hellish and unforgiving atmosphere as a deformity most extreme.

FUCKHAMMER formed in 2010, the members hailing from various parts of Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Taking influences from such bands as BLACK SABBATH and SLAYER to IRON MAIDEN and BOLT THROWER, this four piece extreme metal band plays music that wears these influences proudly on their sleeves but presented as a sound all their own.

‘SCORCHED EARTH PROPHETS’ crushes as much as it grooves, moving from fast paced ragers to doomed out dirges as naturally as the inescapable approach of death. Across the twelve songs, FUCKHAMMER offers an album that gives as much as it takes, proving abrasive music can be as engaging as it is extreme.

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