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  • Jason Hesley

Death metal band DEMONICERA release new single ‘CRAWLING THROUGH FLESH’

Austrian Death metal band DEMONICERA release their sickening new single ‘Crawling Through Flesh.’  As the song showcases in a twisted way, DEMONICERA remain committed to their vision of providing unstoppable death metal but continue to experiment with new ideas and sounds, always eager to push the boundaries of what is possible within the extreme genre. 

DEMONICERA formed in 2015 as a group of like-minded musicians coming together with the sinister urge to create something new and exciting in the underground. Although lead guitarist Rene Gattermair is the driving force behind getting the band together, the music has been a collaborative effort from the beginning.  After numerous setbacks and the additions of rhythm guitarist Dave Ramella and drummer Mortiz Pik, the band began to work on what would become their debut EP, 2021’s “Blasphemous Thoughts.” 


‘CRAWLING THROUGH FLESH,’ is an explosive song that marches ever forward from the very first moment. The music is rich in the gravely tone of the old school scene but the song uses its extreme momentum to present death metal in a brutal way as it towers above, standing upon a horrific atmosphere. 

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