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  • Jason Hesley

Death metal band CURSED BLOODLINES release new single ‘A COLD COSMIC EMBRACE’

(Listen on Spotify)

Death metal desert dwellers CURSED BLOODLINES release their new single 'A Cold Cosmic Embrace.'  The song’s huge grooves are born out of hypnotic guitars and complemented by brutal death screams.  All this dynamic chaos and carnage is held together by the stalwart yet bombastic rhythm foundation of the drums and bass. 

CURSED BLOODLINES crawled out of the Joshua Tree area of the high desert in Southern California in 2015.  CURSED BLOODLINES play a type of extreme metal they describe as “Poverty Metal.”  This eclectic style takes many different influences and converts them into music that is more of an ideal than a true sound.  This ideal, about persevering through the tough circumstances that everyone faces and rising above it all through determination, grit, and hard work, is exemplified through their intense brand of death metal. 

'A COLD COSMIC EMBRACE’ represents the continued vision of CURSED BLOODLINES to provide focused and scorching death metal while incorporating their many influences from previous generations of rock and metal.

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