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  • Jason Hesley

Death metal band ACRID DEATH release debut album ‘ABOMINABLE PRESENCE OF BLIGHT’

Death metal band ACRID DEATH are unleashing a massive miasma of darkness with their debut album ‘ABOMINABLE PRESENCE OF BLIGHT.’  The album is a sickening symphony of old school HM-2 powered death metal, bone crushing grooves, and pulverizing rhythms.  

These German hellhounds were formed during the 2020 pandemic by members of ALL ITS GRACE, DRIVEN BY ENTROPY, and SYNCHRONIC.  After signing with Rising Nemesis Records, the band set upon the goal to unleash their masterpiece of death among the unsuspecting underground, ravaging and hungry as a nightmare horde of zombies. 

‘ABOMINABLE PRESENCE OF BLIGHT’ and its chainsaw riffs, putrid vocals, and hellish atmosphere burns through a tight album that uses every available second to render flesh from bones.  No grave is left unturned as the death worshiping notes call to arms an unstoppable otherworldly force with the morbid goal of creating a death metal massacre.

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