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  • Jason Hesley

Death-Industrial Metal Duo INVERTIA Release 'The Quiver'

Death-Industrial Metal artists INVERTIA have released The Quiver, delving into sonically intense territory while still retaining their oppressive signature sound. The Quiver is available to stream and purchase on all major digital platforms. Click the link below to purchase/stream on Bandcamp:

The Massachusetts duo have created another chapter of aggressive material within 21 minutes over four new tracks. INVERTIA tell it like they see it, with a skeptical eye, again honing in on yet another disgusting look at a world full of propaganda, mistrust and indoctrination that is revolving around you.

INVERTIA is Dave Coppola and Tim Winson, and features Tim Donovan (December Wolves, Watchmaker) guitar solo "Leading Lady."

Track Listing:

1. A Crack In The Glass

2. We've Learned Nothing

3. Leading Lady

4. King of The Quiver

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