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Hertfordshire, UK chaotic hardcore duo DEATH GOALS have today announced their second album, and Prosthetic Records debut, A Garden of Dead Flowers - set to be released on May 5. Alongside the album announcement DEATH GOALS have shared the lead single and music video, Faux Macho, which is available to listen to on all streaming services now and view below.

Stream Faux Macho via Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer, Bandcamp and Spotify Pre-order A Garden of Dead Flowers here.

Speaking on the album announcement and Faux Macho, DEATH GOALS comment: "We are so excited to finally share this album with everybody; It’s truly Death Goals down to a T, and a real honest reflection of ourselves as artists. "Faux Macho is one of our favourite tracks we wrote for this record, wearing our love and appreciation for queer culture with pride on our sleeves for the world to see” Whilst bands are often prone to describing their latest opus as a progression, in the case of DEATH GOALS it very much is - and there were signposts towards their burgeoning intentions on 2021 full-length The Horrible and the Miserable’s closing track.

Nothing Left To Give was the only song to feature clean vocals and paved the way towards what is now just around the corner with A Garden of Dead Flowers. This album also sees the pairing of Harry Bailey and George Milner embrace being defined as a queer hardcore band; their experiences - both good and bad - with that label and its accoutrements are documented throughout.

From album the album opener - the wonderfully titled Genderless Clones of Gameshow Hosts - through to the joyously provocative closer, Faux Macho, Harry and George guide listeners through secret woodland hookups, fighting against queer erasure, nightmarish middle of the night fears, addiction and rehab, dysphoria, and - potentially most importantly - euphoric community acceptance.

Sonically, the pair have expanded their palette - arguably a happy by-product of feeling more comfortable in their own skins and within the band’s identity. With more time and focus dedicated to shaping and re-working the songs in pre-production, the 11 tracks on A Garden of Dead Flowers are more cohesive and well-rounded than ever before.

Recording took place over just five days in April 2022 with Tom Hill at Bookhouse Recording studio in London, UK. Whilst they stay true to their chaotic hardcore nucleus, there are flourishes of noise, sludge, and even black metal speckled throughout.

The flowers of the album name are motifs of members of the queer community; trampled, crushed and oppressed by policies, politics and society itself. The title track revisits the content of the song Exit Wounds on their debut - detailing an experience in rehab - but this time through the lens of increased queer self-acceptance and ownership. Whilst there are undoubtedly dark moments on A Garden of Dead Flowers, DEATH GOALS are gleefully antagonistic and have created an engaging anthology of reflections on lived experiences, offering up hope, support and community to those around them.

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