• Jason Hesley

DEAD "You'll Never Know Pleasure..." [remastered reissue]!

The Korporation is proud to reveal the Sep.03 release of the remastered reissue of Germany’s DEAD (cult 1995 debut, “You’ll Never Know Pleasure…” on both CD & LP.

Even though their part of their 1994 split with REGURGITATE was planned to be their debut full-length like you’ll learn reading the deluxe reissue detailed liner notes written by DEAD’s own Dany Dead in collaboration with professional journalist Olivier “Zoltar” Badin (ZERO TOLERANCE, NOISE…), their then-label POSERSLAUGHTER Records decided it would be their next release and consequently “real” debut, 1995’s “You’ll Never Know Pleasure” that would “officially” shape a whole new subgenre, “Porngrind”, with its obsession for sexual fantasies like BDSM and fetishism.

The early ’90s were blurry times when it comes to musical extremities and “You’ll Never Know Pleasure… Until You’ve Tasted Pain” (the album’s full title, actually) is quite hard to corner, somewhere between Death Metal, Punk, Hardcore Punk and can more accurately be defined as the Extreme Metal version of GG Allin’s shockers, an artist DEAD would cover multiple times throughout decades.

Yet, labelled “Porngrind” afterwards, it’s a genre-defining release like only a few can pretend to be and it’ll be made available again as a respectful and powerful remastered version thanks to CONKRETE studio (DEFEATED SANITY, INHUME, OTARGOS…), specifically for both analog and digital formats, as a deluxe collector DigiPak first print and two vinyl colors not to mention the filthy “Mail-order Collector Edition” that’ll include, among other goodies, a DEAD female G-string!

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