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  • Jason Hesley

Dead Harriosn, New Engalnd Doom Metal!

The story of Dead Harrison begins with The Story of the Mortuus Ortus (2014), the band’s first full-length album. This is a post-apocalyptic story of life, death, love, and rebirth. Like many of us, the main character of the story faces loss in life and triumphs in the end, learning who he is and rebuilding for the future. 

Through heavy, down-tuned, melodic guitar riffs, psychedelic bass licks, tribal drumming, and hypnotic vocals interspersed with insane death growls, Dead Harrison brings to life songs that speak to our greatest hopes, fears, lessons, and dreams, and reminds us of the human spirit’s ability to rise. 

The music is dark and emotive, with melodic, slow tempo grooves, and a high-energy performance. The creative vision of the band reflects the stylistic elements of classic horror and the gothic sub-genre. with a futuristic tinge of the post-apocalyptic. The art and music thoughtfully express concepts of life, love, death, and the end of the world. 

Dead Harrison has been likened to Kyuss, Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, Sisters of Mercy and the Misfits. Their sound is a combination of heavy doom riffs, gothic melodies, and upbeat punk-rock tempos interspersed with harsh metal growls and mesmerizing vocals. 

Their EP All for None (2017) was created as an ode to the scene with punk rock anthem Black Collar, gothic rock club song The Darkness, and psychedelic doom ballad, The Struggle. Reminders all, to continue on through life's challenges, rise through the darkness and understand that limits are only a construct of the mind. 

Dead Harrison also produced a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's folk masterpiece, Bad Moon Rising, and gave it a dark and haunting apocalyptic edge with this doomed-down rendition of the hit song. 

The band is a two-time nominee of the New England Music Awards (2018 & 2019) in the category of Best Hard Rock/Metal Act of the Year. They have been working at their craft for a decade, celebrating their ten year anniversary and adding a new drummer to the line-up this past year. 

In 2020 Dead Harrison is releasing two singles with videos for their songs Nameless Dream and End of the Bloodline, for which the band created a craft beer with Lithermans Limited Brewery in 2018 called End of the Blood-Lime. 

Dead Harrison is Drae the Dead - Lead Singer, Percussionist Shawn the Dead - Guitarist, Backing Vocalist, Death Growler Jason Skulls - Bassist and Backing Vocalist Drummer, Thraxx

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