• Jason Hesley

DEAD EXALTATION: Indian prog/tech death metal band shares new track, "Coerced Sewer Ingest"

"Coerced Sewer Ingest" is the first single from Despondent, the upcoming album by Indian technical/progressive death metal band Dead Exaltation. The album features the absolute finest of South Asian extreme metal musicianship and songwriting, as is exemplified in the debut single.

Everything is Noise debuts the track, “Coerced Sewer Ingest” from the album. (read + stream full feature HERE).

Dead Exaltation is a technical/progressive death metal band from Pune, India. They began in 2015, drawing inspiration from a variety of bands including Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, Gorod, Spawn of Possession, and Cynic. Throughout their existence, the band has focused on creating thought-provoking, concept-based lyrics and song structures adorned with complex rhythms and melodies, as well as an old school sensibility.

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