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  • Jason Hesley

Dead End Finland to release "Victory" on march 31st!

Finnish melodic metal band Dead End Finland is set to release their fifth studio album Victory on March 31st 2023 via Inverse Records. Biography: Dead End Finland is a melodic metal band from Helsinki founded in 2007. The lineup, which has remained unchanged since the beginning, has enabled the band's sound to develop into its current rich form. Dead End Finland is difficult to place into any specific genre, and in the songs you can hear tones from classical music to death metal. During a career that lasted almost 15 years, the band's style has become even more bombastic and melodic. The compositions have gained more depth and insight. The previous album "Inter Vivos" reached number 10 on Finland's official album chart. Dead End Finland's music has been streamed more than 3 million times on Spotify alone.

Track list: 01. Northern Winds 02. Wounded & Bleeding 03. Heavy Rain 04. Beyond the Distance 05. In the Dark 06. Kaamos 07. Up So High, Down So Low 08. Delusions of Grandeur 09. Bound to Be Reborn 10. Wrath of God

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