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  • Jason Hesley

Darkness Abounds In “Cheirotonia“ Off IDOL OF FEAR’s Upcoming Album “Trespasser” Out March 2022!

Canada’s Idol of Fear have been casting darkness since 2011 and have released two full-lengths since then. They are now releasing their third album “Trespasser” in March 2022 and the first glimpse into the aggressive and brooding LP is the single “Cheirotonia“. Citing that it is their most powerful and cohesive album to date, Idol of Fear anticipates that listeners will hear a clear progression from their previous work and might be taken aback. They expect that it will come out of nowhere for many. The explain the single: “Opening with a chant from Pavel Chesnokov ‘Let My Prayer Arise’, “Cheirotonia” was largely inspired by our own process of drawing upon the heavy darkness that continually creeps in the periphery of our lives outside the band. In that sense, it is perhaps one of the more introspective/personal songs on a largely cryptic album. Musically it flows like the river Styx, gliding as a spectre, with winding tragic melodies that seek to haunt, and strong driving rhythms that propel its bitter delivery.” Musically, the single is tragic while carrying an air of mystery. Pessimistic, bold and refined lyrics set a darkly invigorating mood, bitter and somewhat sarcastic, but also triumphant and empowering, maintaining the mysterious atmosphere of the music. Idol of Fear formed out of a necessity to make something of the darkness that swirls around us all. They’ve made music together for a very long time now - what you hear is the result of many years spent shaping their approach. It is not work they approach lightly. Dark and chilling, “Trespasser” is recommended for fans of Behemoth, Shining and Deathspell Omega. “Cheirotonia” can be heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE. “Trespasser” will be released on March 11, 2021 via the band's own label Somnolence Productions.

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