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  • Jason Hesley

Dark Metal Force AGATHODAIMON Reveals Third Single "Kyrie/Gloria"

Rejoining forces after many years of silence, AGATHODAIMON’s long-awaited comeback album, The Seven, is one not to miss! The bittersweet seventh record of the German dark metal force will drop this Friday, March 18 via Napalm Records. The brand new ten track offering stays true to their old-school spirit and hits with new vigor, one hard to pigeonhole due to its widespread musical styles, creating gloomy atmospheres with sharp growls and insane clear vocals.

After unveiling the massively intense first single “Ain’t Death Grand”, followed by gloomy “Wolf Within”, the gates of darkness are calling you to enter once more with the infernal third offering “Kyrie/Gloria”. The track stomps towards heavy doom metal, conjuring a black mass with creeping darkness and desperate screams turning into harsh black metal parts, all topped by the outstanding guest appearance of Benighted frontman Julien Truchan. “Kyrie/Gloria” comes along with an atmospherically fitting music video shot within the impressive scenery of Arenfels Castle, Germany. AGATHODAIMON are ringing the bell for one last dance with the devil before The Seven is finally unleashed.

AGATHODAIMON on “Kyrie/Gloria”:

“This is one of the most extreme songs on our album. Blast beats meet excessive Doom Metal riffs… We love the intense atmosphere evoked here – the song has an awesome groove, and we’re really looking forward to playing it live. Oh, and we highly suggest checking out the video clip we did for this one!”

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