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  • Jason Hesley

Dark Folk Duo NYTT LAND Reveals Western-Inspired Version of “The Blues Of Ragnarok”

With their enticing third single, Siberian dark folklore frontrunners NYTT LAND finally unveil their new EP, Ritual: Blood of the West, coming out today, November, 18 22022. “The Blues of Ragnarok”, was originally released on their latest album Ritual, and has been reworked in western-inspired ways. Releasing the new transformation of the song, the duo combines their captivating signature throat singing with rhythmic sounds, matching guitar riffs and melodic elements, immediately drawing the listener into its ethereal soundscape.

NYTT LAND state on “The Blues Of Ragnarok”:

“I think we made the best soundtrack for Ragnarok. Drink your moonshine and let's go dancing with the spirits under the big silver moon.”

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