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  • Jason Hesley

Dark Archive to release "Reunite The Darkness" on May 2oth!

Finnish extreme metal band Dark Archive is set to release their debut album Reunite The Darkness which is released on May 20th 2022 via Inverse Records.

Dark Archive was formed in summer 2016 by Joakim Lindholm and Niko Aromaa. Members had a vision to form a black metal band that would create something fresh and something which would stand out from the scene.

In early 2018 the band released Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon EP which got excellent feedback from both media and fans. Later in the same year a single Morningstar was released with a stunning music video.

In 2022 they finally are set to release a debut album Reunite The Darkness.

Pre-save Reunite The Darkness album to your Spotify playlist:

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