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  • Jason Hesley

Danish neo-thrashers PERSECUTOR release second new single 'One Final Victim’

Danish thrash metal purveyors PERSECUTOR strikes hard with another brand new single, entitled 'One More Victim', which as the band's prior releases is produced by Andreas Linnemann (Baest, Hajn a.o.). On the new single as well as ‘Legacy’, that came before, the band delivers on all fronts with its direct songwriting and razor-sharp riffing embedding classic genre traits with a modern approach, a keen melodic sense, varied arrangements and a lyrical theme spawned from the deepest pits of the human mind.

Guitarist Stefan Sørensen comments on ‘One Final Victim’:

“The song is about revenge, no more no less! A simple, direct lyric about a man losing his family to a murderer and from there, it’s all vigilantism. It’s heavily inspired by ‘The Punisher’ and old 80’s slasher movies. The music consists of different ideas I’ve had for a while and is totally inspired by the Danish boys from HateSphere. The track has existed in different versions in differing lengths, until we hit the bull's eye with this final version.”

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