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  • Jason Hesley

Danish Hardcore Band, Hard Lessons, Releases New Single and DIY Music Video!

Aalborg, Denmark - March 30, 2024 - Hard Lessons, the danish metallic hardcore sensation, are ready to ignite the scene with the release of their latest single, "Bury These Streets," accompanied by an electrifying DIY music video. Frontman Tore remarks, "'Bury These Streets' is the inaugural track from our forthcoming EP, 'This Ain't No Game,' slated for release later this year. We're a band deeply entrenched in the DIY ethos - handling recording, mixing, and mastering of our music ourselves. Our music video is no exception, crafted entirely by our guitarist, Kim Fenger. We've been eagerly anticipating sharing this single with you and hope you enjoy what you hear!"

With a fervent passion for their craft and an unwavering dedication to the scene, Hard Lessons has solidified their presence as a formidable force within the Danish hardcore community. Following their debut EP, "MMXX," in 2022, the band is eager to follow up with their upcoming release, "This Ain't No Game," scheduled to drop later in 2024.

In addition to their exciting new release, Hard Lessons is thrilled to announce a series of upcoming performances where they'll showcase their fresh material.

Catch Hard Lessons live at the following dates and venues:

  • 13/04/24: Studenterhuset, Aalborg w. Skullclub  09/05/24: Ungeren, Copenhagen w. Disavow (SE), Sloevsind 10/05/24: Svendsgade 3, Odense w. Disavow (SE), Vulvatorious, Sloevsind, Hour Of Chaos 28/06/24: Tøjhuset, Fredericia w. Sworn Enemy (US), Cutthroat LA (US) - Just got Cancelled! 24/08/24: Ribe Metal Festival w. Livløs, Crocell, I'll Be Damned, Killing m.fl. 12/10/24: Walthers Moshcafé, Skanderborg w. Lifesick

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