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  • Jason Hesley

Danish Death Metallers ECITON Return With Their New Album "The Autocatalytic Process"

We are more than happy to announce that Danish death metal outfit ECITON have renewed their cooperation with Wormholedeath for their 4th album "The Autocatalytic Process" which will be released on July 22nd, 2022.

Eciton have enriched the Danish death scene with uncompromising locomotive metal on their 3 albums "Oppressed", "A Scent Of Veracity" and their WormHoleDeath 2020 release "Suspension Of Disbelief". In the summer of 2022, the Army Ants will release "The Autocatalytic Process" which was recorded and mixed at The Grid Europe with Jonathan Mazzeo. At the SoundEscapeAgency, Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy) has had his hands on the mastering and WormHoleDeath will release the album. "The Autocatalytic Process" focuses even harder on the technical abilities and melodic side of their old-school metal that insists on being modern. It is thoroughbred death metal from the heaviest end of the spectrum to maximum steam on the boiler. The globe is burning and it is the ants that have fired up under it.

About "The Autocatalytic Process" Eciton have reinforced every parameter with the release of "The Autocatalytic Process". The album is more technical, faster, melodic, and brutal than "Suspension Of Disbelief", which WormHoleDeath released in 2020. While writing the songs to "The Autocatalytic Process", we always kept in mind to remember the old-school death metal vibe. That is the founder of Eciton.

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