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  • Jason Hesley

Damnation Plan unveils music video of 'To The Sun' from the just released new album!

Finnish melancholic progressive metallers Damnation Plan releases the third music video 'To The Sun' from their just released new album 'The New Horizon'.

Watch To The Sun music video here:

The music video's been directed by the band's drummer / songwriter / lyricist / producer Jarkko Lunnas. Jarkko comments on the song and the video:

"The last of the trilogy of music videos we shot in Iceland for this album. Thematically To The Sun is about humanity's longing and desire to achieve and reach something grandiose. We have a desire to find a place and a meaning for our existence. It might be even so we have to leave our planet one day in our need to re-discover that meaning again. The song is also a kind of a continuation to the storyline of our last album Reality Illusion's ending track 'The Final Destination' - taking you to the very moment when it's time to abandon our planet in the endeavour to secure continuation for our species."

The band has strong origins and base in traditional heavy metal and in 90's progressive metal. On the new album this is now even more present as the band's earlier trademark mixture of harsh and clean vocals are now replaced by featuring only clean vocals.

The New Horizon album's cover art showcases the album's overall thematic aspect and dark tones:

"The album cover art depicts dark times as a darkened globe, a global shift, a division. A new horizon that sets the stage for our future. Is the shift going to bring us to extinction or simply be the change we need for a better renewed beginning? A lot of how that unfolds is written in our behavioral traits that we pass on, and maybe learn from our past, which also a lot of this album's lyrics deal with."

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