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  • Jason Hesley

Dagtum to release "Revered Decadence" on November 8, 2023!

Track Listing: 1. Avarice Enshrined 2. Ad Infinitum 3. Werewhale 4. Seething Seasons in Catharsis 5. Ocean's Edge 6. Ill-Lit 7. Monolith of Grace

Message From the Label:

Death metal demonic masterminds Dagtum create something truly otherworldly with Revered Decadence, a masterpiece of dissonant, jazzy, atonal, and beautiful soundscapes. From the opening note, Dagtum will take you on a full throttle journey through the depths of the unconcious and the collective unconcious, from terrifying portals to open seas of pure inspiration and light. Weaving death metal, dissonant death metal, avant-garde classical, as well as jazz and ambient, this album is truly a versatile tour de force that showcases all of the member's strength and prowess. Malevolent Sound is truly proud to offer Dagtum as one of the flagship bands of the label on all formats. In the words of the band: Humanity's existence finds purpose in chosen beliefs and faith, which, at their most profound, drape each perspective in the tapestry of life's meaning or lack thereof—where decay mingles with the embrace of crafted nightmares, and where the boundless potential for comprehending the intricacies of existence, process, and mortality resides. This metamorphosis is mirrored in "Revered Decadence," the brainchild of DAGTUM, as they weave the influences from their diverse musical repertoires: Ronnel and Ronaldo from the doom/post-metal supergroup Basalt Shrine, the psychedelic prog essence of The Insektlife Cycle, Abanglupa’s raging grindcore and Adam’s Death Metal mastery derived from his band Legion. This debut record signifies DAGTUM's aspiration to sculpt, envision, and infuse these existential concepts with a musical motif that is both ambient and fiercely intense, resulting in a monumental musical opus. The constant intention is to propel a forward-thinking auditory experience within the realm of heavy, dark, and punishing sound.

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