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  • Jason Hesley

CYNIC releases rare live video of"King of Those Who Know"

Prog legend CYNIC have just released a rare, never seen before live performance video of "King of Those Who Know" from their 2010 'Traced in Air' tour in Mexico City at the EYESCREAM METALFEST II. The footage was lost until recently, when producer/animation director, Gabriel Raso sent the recovered footage to the band. The video is dedicated to the memory of drummer, Sean Reinert. CYNIC founder Paul Masvidal comments: "I'm grateful to be sharing this rare moment from our concert history with you. Cynic was a fluid and supercharged band at this point after many tours for Traced in Air, so it's a real gift to revisit this show again. It also touches my heart to see the great, Sean Reinert doing what he did best. Hugs to the friends and colleagues who helped make this night happen, and thank you Mexico for a memorable evening, you guys rule! Love, Paul Masvidal".

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