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  • Jason Hesley

Cultic: Dungeon death/doom trio premieres maxi-single ‘Seducer’

York, PA-based dungeon death/doom act Cultic returns with their maxi-single, Seducer. Released on lathe-cut 7-inch record, CD-r, and digital platforms on 20 July via Eleventh Key, the two-track release perfectly transitions between their last album, Of Fire and Sorcery, and the next chapter of their tome.

Comments Brian Magar (Guitar & Vocals):

“SEDUCER revolves around an archetypal sex witch possessing powers capable of either exalting or devastating her victims. We believe it serves as a perfect segway into our next album, where we will share tales of individuals immersed in our high fantasy universe.”

Adds Andrew Harris (Bass):

“This was my first journey into the Golden Castle to record for ‘Seducer.’ I almost perished to the sheer heaviness of the riffs. Thankfully my years of conjuring the dark, low-frequency arts did not fail me. The title track SEDUCER features the former bass player who is a dear friend, and I am on SEDUCED, so it serves as nice passing of the baton. And now we will take this baton and beat to a bloody, lifeless pulp all who dare enter the Tower. This is only the beginning. YOU ARE SEDUCED!!!”

FIND the maxi-single on your preferred digital/streaming platforms AT THIS LOCATION.

ORDER Seducer (CD, Vinyl, Digital) and the band merch HERE or HERE (Bandcamp).

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