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  • Jason Hesley

CRYPTIC CONFINEMENT to release the Album, Tempestuous Demise!

Tempestuous Demise is the third installment from instrumental metal project, Cryptic Confinement. Following a similar writing formula as the previous two releases, the album will be characterised by intricate layers of guitars, relentless blast beats, carefully timed tempo changes and an adept focus on song arrangement.

Like the previous two releases, the album will borrow notes from several different sub genres of metal. Cryptic Confinement's main songwriter Zakk Weathersby, derives inspiration from countless musicians worldwide and thus finds it difficult to focus his songwriting on one sub genre. Having said all that, a few minor tweaks been made to keep the project's music from becoming redundant.

Listeners can expect to hear collaborations with notable musicians such as Rich Gray and Fabio Allesandrini of the Canadian thrash metal group Annihilator. Also performing on the album is Ukrainian black metal legend Lycane Graven of the bands Colotyphus and Pagan Land. Listeners can also expect some changes in production format that will exhibit Cryptic Confinement’s sound in a much more audacious and cataclysmic form.


01. The Obsidian Malady | 02. A Glimpse Into The Void Below | 03. Black Aura Of Daimonion | 04. Tormented By A Thousand Faces | 05. Suffer The Path Of Screams | 06. The Infernalist | 07. Sanity Cracked By Depravity | 08. Exalted By Malice | 09. Damnatio Omnibus | 10. Awakening From Remnant Ashes

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