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  • Jason Hesley

Crust release Dissolution!

Crust is a band from northwestern Russia founded back in 2014. The music this trio creates is a varied blend of styles but can be broadly defined as blackened doom sludge. Their lyrics mostly touch issues such as the degradation of morality in contemporary society, the shift in values, the vices of human nature, miseries and misfortunes that are usually not few and far between in people’s lives.

'Dissolution' is the fifth studio record by the band, where they demonstrate more black metal tendencies than before, though melodic guitar arrangements, dark atmospheres and post-metal elements are definitely still present. The lyrical theme that unites most of the songs is still the acceptance of inevitable death as the only way of mental and spiritual liberation.

Crust is a hell’s locomotive fueled by the agony of sinful souls, that knows no stopping and is constantly moving forward to new music discoveries.

Avantgarde Music will release 'Dissolution' on CD, LP, and digital on December 15, 2023. Find preorders at Bandcamp HERE.


1. The Color of Void

2. He Carries the Fog

3. I Serve You and Oblivion

4. Graves Await

5. God Made Some Hearts of Stone

6. Captivi Infernis

7. The Maniac King

8. Morrigan

9. Blazing the Trail in the Land of Suffering

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