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  • Jason Hesley

CROWN SOLACE Unveil New Single "Dangerous Eyes"

Modern symphonic metal quartet CROWN SOLACE have unveiled their thrilling new single "Dangerous Eyes". Thundering heavy rhythms and dramatic arrangements, accompanied with stunning operatic and demonic harsh vocal performances, combine to deliver an impressive offering. "Dangerous Eyes" serves as the lead song to the bands first 6 track EP, Animus, which will be released on August 3rd, 2023.

“'Dangerous Eyes' is the 3rd single from the Modern Symphonic Metal band CROWN SOLACE. The track is a strong follow on from the previous single, 'Inside My Mind', that was released late last year. A mid tempo track with a catchy, melodic chorus coupled with aggressive harsh vocals engages the listener from start to finish. Mixed and Mastered again by Frank Pitters (VISIONS OF ATLANTIS / EDENBRIDE) the track continues to refine the bands clean modern approach, creating something fresh for the symphonic metal scene”

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