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  • Jason Hesley

Crown of Worms - Sorcery Rites

Crown of Worms (formed in Lima, Peru in 2002) are back with SORCERY RITES, our latest full length. While our first album, Impalers March (2019), was based on music from the band´s first era (2004-2006 demos), this time we have unearthed ancient riffs, which combined with more recent compositions have given form to a solid 40-minute 6-track opus. On this new chapter in our journey, our music has become more complex without compromising the principles from which the band was spawned and which brought us together again in 2016, after an 8-year hiatus.

On Sorcery Rites, the band's morbid black thrash attack meets lyrics about an endless cyclic war that brings devastating hordes to take revenge on their holy captors. Rites of possession give place to a killing spree and pledging allegiance to obscurity becomes the only way of trespassing the boundaries of time and death. The least expected return from the Peruvian underground is here: a relentless and devastating album. Beware!

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