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  • Jason Hesley

Crimson Tower to release "Aeternal Abyss"

The dungeon seems a bit darker under the shadow of Crimson Tower -- a doom metal trio hailing from São Paulo, Brazil. Getting their start in 2018 using the name Eternal Abyss the band quickly found their sordid style, but after a handful of demos they took up the new mantle of Crimson Tower. Drawing inspiration from both old-school doom

and classic heavy metal the three-piece has created a dusky treasure in their first full-length release Aeternal Abyss. This is powerful, epic metal buried under a thick layer of dust and left to rot in the crypt! The album saw a limited CD release by Cianeto Discos in late 2021 and now Morbid And Miserable Records is bringing it to a wider

audience with cassette tapes coming on March 18 2022. Let doom prevail and embrace the AETERNAL ABYSS!

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