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  • Jason Hesley

CREEPSHOW announce their Debut Album releasing today on all major platforms April 24th, 2023.

“CREEPSHOW I” brings all new tales of terror and summons cadaverous contributions from AXESLASHER, GHOUL, and VHS! From hellish harmonies to deathly d-beats, "CREEPSHOW I" is a nightmarishly necrotic party for all creatures of the night.

“CREEPSHOW I” is a terrifying ten-track anthology, introducing a crypt-rattling onslaught of black thrash, which pays tribute to Swedish extreme metal and 1980’s synth-pop. Bathed in a gelatinous brew of cavernous reverb and theatrical ambiance, this release showcases chaotic howls from skeletal vocalist Uncle Death as well as the morbid musings of his faithful Creepettes. From surf rock to melodic black metal to goth-inspired darkwave, “CREEPSHOW I” seeks to claw its way into the hearts of horror fans across the globe!

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