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  • Jason Hesley

CRANIAL DISORDER: Mystification premieres "Traitor" from Indonesian death metal squad, new album "Congenital Depravity" out in July!

Cranial Disorder premiere of "Traitor", their latest single.

The band have signed to Lethal Scissor Records for the release of their debut album "Congenital Depravity", due out on July 10th 2024.

The fresh eight track offering “Congenital Depravity” marks the outfit’s Lethal Scissor Records debut, and is the successor to their acclaimed “PromoSick 2022” demo. Formed in 2019, CRANIAL DISORDER has brought a breath of fresh air to the scene and has delighted fans and underground connoisseurs alike.

With this album, CRANIAL DISORDER continue to sharpen their sound, which faithfully captures the essence of late ‘90s and early 2000’s brutal death metal. The band’s influences are no secret, but rattling off a list of classic death metal influences doesn’t do justice to the impact that CRANIAL DISORDER achieve with their music, a sound that is as relentless as it is morbid.

The songs are generally aggressive and pummeling, leaving the listener with little or no respite from the assault, but even at breakneck speed, there’s a compositional intricacy on display. Riff is piled upon monstrous riff and razor-wire solos slice, gleaming, through filth as CRANIAL DISORDER bring us a new level of sickening death metal power.

For fans of: Suffocation, Disgorge, Disavowed, Pyaemia


01. Kobar Bumi

02. The Remained Lust

03. Perpetual Dismemberment

04. Period of Atrocity

05. Inebriated Flesh

06. Exalting the Perversion

07. Compulsive Savagery

08. Traitor

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