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  • Jason Hesley

Cosmic death metal band SPACECORPSE drop new video and single SHAPESHIFTER from upcoming EP!

Dystopian TechDeath metallers SPACECORPSE drop their music video for the second and final single from their upcoming EP SHAPESHIFTER out July 26th, offering pulverizing riffs, dynamic rhythms and harrowing vocals from out of this world. 

Bio: SPACECORPSE emerged from Denver, Colorado and quickly made a name for themselves by captivating audiences with tight live shows that showcase their innovative blend of blistering death metal, spacey textures, and gravity-crushing breakdowns.  The band started their journey in 2023 by securing an opening slot on “The Labyrinth Tour 2023” alongside ARKAIK, FIRST FRAGMENT, A WAKE IN PROVIDENCE, GREYLOTUS & CHAMBER MAGE. 

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